Jul 8, 2013

"Making the decision to have a child- it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." -Elizabeth Stone

Thing on my mind: I truly am blessed. We've had such a wonderful transition this past month. Aaron's working and has interviews lined up. We got to visit family in Missouri and we continue to visit family and friends in Utah. There is so much love and support in our lives!

Project: Finding a place to live. Rent/buy? Apartment/house? So many choices! I feel like a grown up.

Favorite moment: Everly has become mobile. She doesn't "crawl" yet but she rolls and scoots as quickly as she can to get what she wants. This is one determined little lady.

Books I'm reading: Lean In and Lady of the Rivers.

Food I'm loving: Hamburgers. Cooked by Aaron on the grill. Delicious.

Songs on repeat: Hurricane and Broken.

Favorite activity: Shopping in America. Seriously. I've missed it so much. To my credit, I've hardly spent anything but I've LOVED browsing and the occasional buy. Shopping here is way better than Japan. And thrifting. I'm in love.

Show I can't get enough of: Under the Dome. 2 episodes and Aaron and I are both hooked. Just watch it.

Daily revelation: The days are long but the years are short. Enjoy every minute.

Favorite Pictures:
xo Sue

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  1. So excited for shopping (even the window variety) once we get back!


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