A Day in July

Jul 31, 2013

When I do just a day posts I try to capture a typical day so when I look back I can watch Everly growing up and our little family change. The problem with that right now is we have no typical. Ever since moving back stateside our life has been one crazy, amazing mess. For now we're doing our best to embrace the chaos and go with the flow of life. It's scary sometimes, but mostly exciting. Everly was 95% happy today (except that first picture, I think I'd just told her I would be documenting our entire day) and I love days like that. She truly is the happiest baby I know. Now that she's eating (or sucking on) real foods she's even more of a delight. Every new food she tries is an experience for us both. Her favorite food is either a cheese quesadilla or watermelon. She ate both today so you know it was a good day.

xo Sue


  1. Love this :-) It is amazing to me how fast these babes are growing.

  2. She is just far too adorable, and she looks so BIG in some of those photos! I thought you had, like, a little baby!!?? :P


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