A Simple Valentine's

Feb 12, 2013

I love Valentine's Day. The hearts, the love, the cuteness of the holiday. One of my very favorite Valentine's Days was one I spent single. I didn't wallow in my single-ness, I still spent the day with people I love! Remember that before you knock this holiday. Just use it to tell people you love them. 

This year it's sort of snuck up on me though. With my baby daughter due to come out at any minute (39 weeks, 3 days today!) I haven't put much effort into it at all. Aaron and I decided handmade/homemade gifts would be appropriate this year because I wanted to keep it simple so close to her birth. I have a lot of other things to focus my energy on! After debating between a few ideas I settled on a simple Valentine's. I'm making our favorite homemade pasta (if I get really ambitious I'll snap some pictures and share the recipe- it's amazing) and we're having a quiet night in. We're going to watch a movie without computers/iPads/iPhones/books/legos to distract us and spend some time snuggling on the couch with our puppies. It doesn't sound like much but to us it's pretty great. 

As for my gift to Aaron... I was really feeling stuck. I wanted to do something special for him. He's the easiest person in the world to shop for but it's not nearly as easy to make him something from the heart. Then I thought since his daughter is being born so close to Valentine's Day I'd make him something special as a new daddy. I searched online for all sorts of daddy-daughter poems, stories, and ideas but none of them quite fit what I wanted. So I took all the courage I could find in myself and wrote him my own daddy-daughter poem. It's a little bit cheesy, a little bit sentimental, and not at all professionally done but I think my husband will love it. He's a lot more cheesy and romantic than I am. 

xo Sue

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