10 Things I Love About Him

Feb 14, 2013

  • His smile is contagious. I can't see it without smiling back, even if I'm not in the mood to smile.
  • He never leaves the house without saying I love you.
  • He gives me a kiss first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Always.
  • He works hard at his job to provide for our family.
  • He's an excellent artist and takes pride in the work he does.
  • He loves to make people laugh. And I love to laugh.
  • He's already an excellent father to our little girl.
  • He takes time out of every day to make sure that I get special attention and love.
  • He loves to play and make the little things in life more fun.
  • He makes every day of my life good, just by being a part of it.

To My Lover,
I am grateful for you every single day. I think of you as my better half because you bring out the best in me. You hold me when I'm sad, you laugh with me when I'm happy. You support me in my personal decisions. You always hold my hand. You are my favorite person in the world. I love you most.

xo Sue

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