Since I'm Soon To Be.

Oct 6, 2011

Since I am a soon-to-be (36 days!) military wife I decided to do a little research. I spent a good part of this evening reading (stalking?) milspouse blogs- their words not mine! I found some spectacular blogs by some incredible women. Some made me laugh, some made me cry. I was truly inspired. 

I'm not choosing the Air Force. I am choosing Aaron. The Air Force just happens to come along with him and for better or worse I'll do it all. It was never a concious choice I made. Once I realized I truly, deeply love him I knew I'd never be without him. So now I'm just along for the ride. Do not worry though, I won't get lost in his identity. I will always be myself. Speaking of such silly things, Aaron told me that none of the people I meet on a military base will ever know me as or call me Sue. To them I'll always be "Mrs. Aaron." Wow, I just said that out loud. What fun! But also strange. Isn't that supposed to be my MIL? I wonder how long it will be before I actually start to respond when called that.

There are 34 days and 5.5 hours until I get to see my lover again. I'll get to feel his arms wrap around me and his sweet lips kiss mine. When I close my eyes I can almost feel it now. It's coming slowly... it's almost here... My Aaron is worth every second I wait. 

Source: via Sue on Pinterest

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